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Over 75 years of experience, managing approximately 17,000 beds across the country.

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33 Communities


17000 Beds


35 Universities

Years of experience

75 Years of experience

A major in more.
Our amenities are off the charts.

Everything a student could want is here

Pinnacle Campus Living owns and/or manages 17,000 beds, and at 35 Universities, from San Diego, California to Syracuse, New York. Since the real emergence of student housing in the 1980s, we have been defining and shaping the business and we continue to be change-agents.

Shuttle Services

Social Activities

Fitness Centers

High Speed Internet

Basketball Courts

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At Pinnacle Campus Living, we care about all aspects of a student’s college life.


A top 15 largest manager in the country, our organization is singularly focused on student living.

Development / Consulting

Our team knows that student housing is fundamentally more than merely managing buildings.

The expansion of student living

Our buildings are communities. They are the environments that shape how our students study, interact with friends, cook, eat, exercise, play – and learn to live away from home, many for the first time. They are the center of a rounded and fulfilled university life. We are here to support that common goal of success. From our community design, to staffing and communications, we are here to make this the best experience it can be.

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