Without the right messaging, even the most impressive student community is reduced to an example of unfulfilled potential and missed opportunity. Pinnacle Campus Living’s brand development team creates a strong brand identity that resonates with the target demographic.

A multi-sensory approach for marketing is used to evoke emotion and leave a lasting impression on everyone. As such, common areas will be both resident and customer friendly to evoke the sense of sight. We will add signature scents throughout the community for appeal to the sense of smell. Leasing desks will host interesting objects to provide texture to the touch. Snacks will be available to taste and a customized playlist of music aligned with the student demographic will flow through the office and common areas to engage the sense of sound.

To make sure we are on the right track, Pinnacle Campus Living will use surveys to evaluate resident’s needs and satisfaction levels and make proactive adjustments when needed. We will make them feel connected to their community and proud of belonging to something unique.

Since the overwhelming majority of students begin their apartment searches online, a student housing community must have a strong online presence. Pinnacle Campus Living will provide a comprehensive digital marketing plan that includes everything from website development and search engine optimization to reputation management.


At Pinnacle Campus Living, we care about all aspects of a student’s college life, and every day we strive to provide a great, safe and memorable living experience that nurtures both academic and personal growth. Ranked one of the a top managers in the country, our organization is singularly focused on student living, and has a long-standing track record in managing purpose built private bedroom/bathroom properties as well as full service residence halls. Pinnacle Campus Living owns and manages approximately 14,000 beds across 18 states and 27 distinct universities. To everyone at Pinnacle Campus Living, our properties are not merely a place to sleep, rather they are active and vibrant living-learning communities. Our dedicated team help our student-residents get the most (and more) out of everything that college life has to offer.

Financial Services

Clients are in very good hands with Pinnacle Campus Living’s team of accountants and internal audit experts. Through our centralized center in Orlando, Florida, clients receive detailed monthly financial packages that include a range of reports. On a quarterly and annual basis, we deliver a partnership level report for each asset as well as a rollup at the fund level. Our technology capabilities enable the electronic exchange of information between our managed properties, the accounting center and our clients. The accounting team also interfaces electronically with banking institutions. Our financial services are also supported by on-going software training and a help desk to aid onsite property management staff with accounting activities.

In addition to providing all types of financial reporting, our professionals conduct random desk audits at the property level to correct deficiencies. When audits and reviews uncover irregularities, investigations are conducted to uncover discrepancies. Through vigilant processes, our internal audit team drives bottom-line value by eliminating operational waste, reducing cost and preventing loss.

Information Technology

Entrata by Property Solutions powers Pinnacle Campus Living’s technology infrastructure. This specialized and fully-integrated platform is built to accommodate the specific operational needs of student housing.

Entrata genuinely speeds up everything from the time a student applies online until they move in. The system even allows our operators to post transactions to accounting ledgers, removing previously arduous steps from the process. Communications are also a breeze since Entrata sends work orders and renewal blasts with ease. With this hassle-free, all-encompassing system, students have a greater opportunity to remain focused on what matters most — their studies.

Entrata gives our in-house experts everything they need to be more efficient and boost your bottom line. It truly makes the difference at our properties.

Human Resources

Pinnacle Campus Living thrives off the principles of quality people, strong customer service, solid market knowledge, quality systems and support capabilities. To draw the best talent, our Human Resources professionals offer highly competitive compensation and benefits packages. Then we build ream member skills and confidence through orientation programs, training, performance management and various other policies. In return, our talent base is filled with tenured members who add insurmountable value for our clients.

  • Corporate and property staffing, on-boarding, training and retention support
  • Pre-hiring assessments
  • Competitive health care coverage
  • Performance management
  • Payroll services
  • Benefits administration
  • Employment law, unemployment & workers’ comp


Daily operations are performed by onsite teams who maintain, manage and market the asset. These teams work in collaboration with regional and national support to keep the operational integrity of each property strong and to increase performance. Over the past 37 years, our company has developed strong processes and tools to build efficiencies at the site level:

  • Benchmarking and Trend Reporting
  • Marketing Velocity (Lease-Up)
  • Expense Control
  • Lease Renewal Tracking
  • Property Auditing
  • Market Analyses
  • Property Repositioning
  • Sustainability Evaluation
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

    • NOI Growth Ranking
    • Controllable Expense Ranking
    • Revenue Growth Ranking
    • Regional Property Manager Ranking and Report Card

While policies and processes are exceptionally important, we understand that our success is built on the foundation of our people. We employ rigorous processes and systems to ensure that we hire the right teams; but that is just the beginning. Our managers and trainers then equip every team member with the tools to be successful and to grow in our company and their careers. Education programs are tailored to each job role to strengthen preparedness, confidence and leadership, and ultimately add volumes to what we are able accomplish.

Keeping residents pleased is also paramount. Maintenance professionals handle in-unit service requests 24-hours a day to keep things running smoothly and preserve the property through a comprehensive preventative maintenance program. This team works congruently with purchasing, risk managers, safety specialists, construction managers and other corporate personnel. Our comprehensive approach to maintenance allows Pinnacle Campus Living to exceed both customer and industry standards.

Another added bonus for Pinnacle Campus Living clients is our preferred pricing program for contract services and maintenance supplies. Our experience in negotiating contracts, budgeting and implementing efficient cost control measures helps keep expenses to a minimum without sacrificing quality or service.